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the horses want to be, it's free and there's no tax on it yet. the have expert training and trust in their human partners. when you see a horse walking in between lanes of traffic the horses there because of the writer. every day as a training day for the writer and the horse. this is what the horses really like to do, run fast and rump kicking up their heels rolling in the dirt. some rice, some work on farms before becoming part of the chicago police force. >> we are all dressed in uniform, we all look the same so we want the horses to look uniform. >> each horse has a distinct personality, this one kicks his stall until he is brought his haigh. traynor and officer joseph 11 years ago he named mounted police sources for chicago police officers killed in the line of duty, his good friend nights was one of the first officers still honored. it's a living memorial, i guess and it's our humble special way to pay our respects. a lot of these names on these doors was a policeman working when this happened and it does affect you emotionally. you may not have known them personally but
minister, silvio berlusconi says he's not done with politics. he is appealing his tax fraud conviction.. and says while he will not run for prime minister next year... he will return to politics, to reform the justice system. berlusconi, who still faces charges of having sex with an underage girl, and trying to cover it up, claims he is a victim of a dictatorship of judges. a florida teen was just trying to show his athletic prowess. instead, a car stunt goes terribly wrong and he's seriously injured. we warn you, the video may be difficult to watch. police say, 19 year old bladimir barreto was trying to jump over the moving car. he wanted to impress college football recruiters by trying this. his brother was behind the wheel...while another brother taped the action. bladmir was flown to the hospital with broken bones and head injuries. the driver is facing charges for driving without a license and reckless driving. >> the chill in the air... jim ramsey is next with busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do i
no income tax. >> both candidates find a way to rationalize their caustic messages that they are sponsoring. >> there is a distinction between false attack ads and the ones that are real distinctions over policy, so for example congresswoman bigger has voted for every single bush policy that drove us into debt and wrecked our economy, that's a distinction of policy. my point is really denigrating everything i have done for the district and the new district and the old district and i think that's a shame. voters will make their decisions no one week from today. mayor emanuel taking advantage of early voting today and urges others to do the same. he cast his ballot on the south side and he said that he voted for his former boss president obama appeared the mayor philbin doing satellite interviews for supporters in swing states. coming up another benefit for getting the flu shot not only protecting you from the flu but also part disease. and proof of just how powerful nature canby we will show you what the high winds of sandy did to this tree. the flu shot and its effect on the part in new s
for right now. the white sox ball park responsible for millions of your tax dollars, kelly craft chief spokesperson for governor pat quinn controversial in no small part because of questions about her own finances. a close vote for-3 after a male world appointee was displaced by the governor mayor emanuel wanted diana ferguson as a top job eminently qualified the former cfo of chicago public schools. it's a decision will have to stay with for a very very long time they are blasting the decision saying: we do not have a multibillion- dollar operation here. it's still necessary to do an excellent job. we already have a chief financial officer there we have an attorney there we have financial experts on the board so for the executive director to guide the board and use some of the skills that i have this is the government agency that runs the cell and the answers to taxpayers its incoming executive director admits to personal financial problems a 2009 bankruptcy first reported by the chicago tribune. working to manage and prepare illinois nearly $60 billion budget helping to reduce the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4